Trend Following Strategy Index For March 1993

Monthly Rankings

Rank CTA/Program Mar 1993 Min Inv Inception
16 Eckhardt Trading Company
Evolution Strategies 1.2X
-9.22 10,000k 10/1/1991
15 Eckhardt Trading Company
Evolution Strategies
-8.28 20,000k 8/1/1991
14 DUNN Capital Management
World Monetary and Agriculture Program (WMA)
-3.30 100k 11/1/1984
13 Estlander & Partners
Global XL
-2.68 5,000k 8/1/1991
12 Eclipse Capital Management
Global Monetary
-2.11 5,000k 8/1/1990
11 DUNN Capital Management
DUNN Combined Fund (DCF)
-0.82 100k 5/1/1989
10 Rabar Market Research
Diversified Program
0.22 2,000k 1/1/1989
9 Dreiss Research Corporation
Diversified Program
0.66 1,000k 5/1/1991
8 Rotella Capital Management
Rotella Polaris Program (Diversified)
1.41 10,000k 1/1/1991
7 Estlander & Partners
Alpha Trend
1.71 30,000k 10/1/1991
6 Hyman Beck and Company
Global Portfolio
2.10 1,000k 3/1/1991
5 EMC Capital Advisors, LLC
3.00 5,000k 1/1/1985
4 Hawksbill Capital Management
Global Diversified
4.24 5,000k 11/1/1988
3 Mark J. Walsh Company
Standard Program
4.59 2,000k 9/1/1985
2 Chesapeake Capital
Diversified (LV)
5.86 100k 2/1/1988
1 Saxon Investment Corporation
Diversified Program
14.66 3,000k 9/1/1988

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange ("forex") is substantial.

IASG indexes are generated daily based on CTA manager supplied sector focus, investment strategy and performance. To participate in the IASG index, a program must have a minimum track record of 3 year's performance. Other indexes require a minimum two year track record. Strategy based indexes require the program's composition be more than 50% of the specific strategy. It is not possible for an investor to invest in any of the IASG indexes.

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