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Corn field
Advisor Commentary

June 2022 Market Letter

Commentary provided by Chad Burlet of Third Street AG Investments The last business day of June always brings the USDA’s June 1 Stocks Report and updated estimates of Planted Acres. The combination of those two reports, one for old and one for new crop, make it the most important agricultural report day of the year. This year […]

Oil pump
Alternative Investment Strategy Commodities

Oil Drillers Won’t Drill

One might think that $120 a barrel oil would be incentive enough to start drilling and increase refinery capacity. Still, it appears energy producers are taking politicians at their word when they say they want to eliminate their industry. When the stated goal in Europe and the United States is to phase out fossil fuels […]

Alternative Investment Strategy

Soft Landing? Look Out Below!

As the saying goes, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Right now, it appears that the United States, with its dollar strength relative to other countries, is king, which means we may be in serious trouble. The Fed continues to strive for a so-called “soft landing” where they strike the perfect […]

Corn field
Advisor Commentary

May 2022 Market Letter

Commentary provided by Chad Burlet of Third Street AG Investments We’re more than three months past the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yet, developments in the Black Sea and countries’ reactions to these developments continue to dominate our markets daily. The loss of Ukrainian sunseeds and sunoil prompted Indonesia to ban palm exports. The loss of Ukrainian wheat […]

Wheat Field
Managed Futures Education

Grain Basics 101

Many of my favorite traders focus on the grain markets. After all, we all need food, so the demand is more inelastic compared to many markets and, therefore, less sensitive to financial market conditions than most commodities. We rarely need to think much about where it comes from until recently, when we realize that our […]

blue lights
Alternative Investment Strategy

Good Market News Coming for Managed Futures Strategies?

It is hard to come by good news lately, but as Warren Buffet says, “Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.” Reports tell us that he has been following his mantra to the letter recently as he is finally spending his $146.7 billion cash held at the end of 2021. […]

Advisor Commentary

Cayler Capital April 2022 Commentary

Commentary provided by Brent Belote of Cayler Capital Cayler Capital had a slight pullback after our blockbuster performance in March, posting -5.53% for April (Past Performance not indicative of future results). Primary losses were from long oil positions. We have gone back to the sideline for the time being on oil directionally but still believe […]

Corn field
Advisor Commentary

April 2022 Market Letter

Commentary provided by Chad Burlet of Third Street AG Investments Food security and domestic inflation have quickly become the top concerns of almost every country in the world. The loss of Ukrainian wheat exports caused several smaller countries to restrict their exports and encouraged several importing countries to increase their inventories. The loss of Ukrainian sunseed and […]

Alternative Investment Strategy

Manager Profiles: The New Guys

We often get new traders to our site that fit a particular profile. However, it is rare that we have a number come on at the same time with as much industry experience as the following three.  Perhaps not surprisingly, they all started strongly out of the gate.  Absolute Return Capital Management – ARCM Ionic […]

Advisor Commentary

Numberline Capital Partners March Performance Report and Market Summary

Commentary by John Knott of Numberline Capital Partners. The NLCP Macro-Economic Model up ticked slightly this month from 8.16 to 8.32. That was a little surprising. We expect it to continue to weaken “slowly” as we move into summer and the Fed tries to slow the economy down. There has been a lot of talk about […]

Storm Clouds
Alternative Investment Strategy

Recession coming?

It is time to consider the possibility that a recession is coming.  While few seem to be talking about it, signs increasingly seem to be pointing in that direction.  The confusion is justified as GDP growth accelerates, employment is at record lows, and the stock market remains mostly stable.  Perhaps I am a pessimist, so […]

Jerome Powell
Advisor Commentary

AG Capital March 2022 Investor Update

Does Powell want an equity market decline? It seems so. Former Fed chair Bernanke spent a decade delivering a policy of actively pursuing a “wealth effect” via quantitative easing (QE), hoping that stock market gains would unleash additional spending in the economy. It didn’t really work, only serving to exacerbate the wealth divide. It took […]

Corn field
Advisor Commentary

March 2022 Market Letter

Commentary provided by Chad Burlet of Third Street AG Investments From a commodity perspective, March came in like a lion and went out like a lion. At the beginning of the month, the market was trying to grasp the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the end of the month, it was attempting to price […]

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